The fashion industry is one of the worst industries for the environment and, therefore, we didn’t doubt for one second about what we wanted the BALL version 2020 to be, and that sustainability needed to be a keyword. With that in mind, we went researched the best and most sustainable ways to produce and deliver our products. Alongside our factory in Portugal, we have been able to create long-lasting, good quality, and comfortable products that can accompany you on life’s many journeys and last for many years to come.


All of our sweatshirts, hoodies, and t-shirts are made of 100% organic quality cotton. This means that the fabric has been made from organically grown plants, and it is free from the use of toxic pesticides and chemicals. Our jeans are produced to last a long time and, therefore, we use strong fabric that doesn’t break easily. Our washes are carefully chosen by a ‘never-out-of-stock’ perspective. This means that our jeans are washed in already planned laundries. Therefore, you might experience longer waiting times when the jeans are sold out since we have to wait for next planned wash at our supplier. All of the hang tags, post cards and all our printing papers are produced with recycled paper, and the BALL® canvas bag you will receive together withyour order is madefrom 100% organic cotton and can be used over and over again.


Everything is produced in Europe. This means that our factories meet all of the EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. This enables us to feel secure knowing the that the people behind our products work in a safe and healthy environment. Furthermore, we often visit our suppliers to ensure this on our own as well.




At BALL®, we prioritise sending your order in a protected and safe way. Therefore, it is not possible to use no plastic at all. All of our plastic bags are made by reusable plastic, which ensures that you will receive your item in the best possible condition in an environmentally beneficial way. We highly recommend making sure that the plastic is reused and won’t end up in nature by simply putting it in a plastic recycle bin. The silk paper that is rapped around your product, is left overs from a local manufactory placed in Roskilde. All of our products are transported with trucks instead of planes.


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